"About 360 million years ago a meteor fell from space. It fell over Dalecarlia and the result was the ring of Siljan and the surrounding villages of Siljan, one of Swedens most beautiful places."

- Hair handicraft and basket making:Våmhus is famous for its handicraft. The craftsmen went to the neighbouring countries in the 1800-1900's to earn what it took to survive. Admire this handicraft at Våmhus Hembygdsgård.

- Anders Zorn: The artist that resurrected the folk tradition. See his work in the museum of Zorn in Mora. Visit also the house he lived in: "Zorngården".

- The Bear Park: During summer you can visit a park with bears, lynx, arctic fox, wolves, wolverines and polar bears. All this in the largest bear park in Europe in Orsa Grönklitt.

- Vasaloppet: The 90 km long ski race starts in Sälen and ends in Mora. You are welcome the first sunday of March every year!

- Dalhalla: When they stopped extracting limestone in this quarry in 1990, they suddenly discovered that they had an ideal amphitheatre. The acoustic qualifications are perfect down in the 60 m deep pit. Enjoy concerts here, only 7 km from Rättvik.

- SantaWorld: Visit the home of santa in summer or winter by the Gesunda mountain, 15 km from Mora. Here there are trolls, fairies, puppet theatre, chalet acting and more. You can meet santas reindeer and other animals. Santaworld is fun for both adults and children!
  - Population: 275 823 persons
- Area: 29 086 km²

- Siljan: 290 km² big and 134 m deep lake (7th biggest in Sweden by area).

- Njupeskär: The highest waterfall in Sweden [height of fall 123 m] is located in north-west of Dalarna.

- Storvätteshågna: The highest mountain in Dalecarlia is 1204 m high and has got a marvellous view.

Province animal: Eagle owl
Province fish: Minnow
Province stone: Porphyry
Province weapon:

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