Welcome to Våmhus Bygdegård and Wretmanstugan

Bygdegården is located in a village called Våmhus close to the lake of Orsa in Sweden. The premises can be rented for dance, conferences, meetings, accommodation and so on. It is located about 15 kilometres north of Mora in a village called Våmhus.

In Våmhus there are one grocery store. You will be able to find mail service, gambling and a limited supply of medical products. You can also buy fishing licence here. You will find servings at the camping "Våmåbadet" by the lake, and at the "Gammelgården Sivarsbacken", which is a yard with interesting history of Våmhus.

The village is famous all over the world for its historical hair handicraft and basket makers. Even today the handicraft is still alive and can be seen at "Gammelgården Sivarsbacken". If you are fond of swimming, you can visit "Våmåbadet" which has a wonderful sand beach. Also in the summertime, the forest are filled with mushrooms and berries!

Nearby is Mora with the museum of Zorn, making of the "Dala-horse", Santaworld, Dalhalla Theatre, Forest museum, Midsummer celebrations, folk music, folk dance, national costume and so on.

During winter you can visit the ski resort "Grönklitt" and in the summer you can see the famous Bear Park, now also including leopards. The big ski race "Vasaloppet" is a big event every year since the finishing line is in Mora!

Våmhus Bygdegård
Kanonvägen 55
792 96 Våmhus
Phone: 0250-454 25 (no booking)
Contact for reservations:
Marita Bysell
Mobile: 070-544 56 17